Fall in dominance of BTC vs Altcoins

Bitcoin dominance vs altcoins is not a metric, in my opinion, has any significance and so I don’t track it. Just for example, I would not measure the value of Tesla stock based on its dominance vs other stocks.The other thought experiment I would leave you with is why does bitcoin dominance go down when bitcoin’s price increases? 

Bitcoin actually drives the entire crypto market. If bitcoin falls or rises, everything falls or rises. Because there are many newbies in the market in every cycle, there are lot of myths, FUDs, misunderstanding of this asset class. So newbies think bitcoin is expensive and fall for altcoins. When bitcoin price falls, newbies get scared and the entire altcoin market crashes worse than bitcoin and bitcoin’s dominance goes back up.Many newbies have beginners luck like right now and they feel they are making right decisions which emboldens them to make riskier bets in altcoins. I try my best here to promote long term investing strategies. In the long term, Bitcoin is a magnitude superior and is in fact incomparable to any other crypto. In speculative short terms, I will be wrong. But I encourage you that before you invest serious money, spend time on this asset class to understand it. It's not that easy.

Just remember if you don't have time to do the research yourself and spend time on the asset class yourself, the serious institutional money is going in bitcoin only. There are good reasons for it.