What is the best bitcoin strategy

If by best, you mean a long term, low risk, high reward strategy, then below is my recommended strategy not only for bitcoin but for any investment.

  • convince yourself about bitcoin for the long term by learning about it
  • buy when possible and for the long term
  • do not try to over optimise your buying price for an asset which you are investing with an expectation of 100+% gains per year
  • for an asymmetrical asset, the entry point matters less and is very difficult to catch the bottoms
  • do not speculate buying or selling
  • do not trade
  • do not use leverage
  • sell when you need the funds in the real world and not to book profits
  • altcoins are more speculative than bitcoin and cannot be treated as a long term store of value yet
  • with altcoins you take far more risk for lesser reward in the long term vs bitcoin