💡 Bitcoin FAQ

Commonly asked questions on bitcoin.

☠️ Do NOT keep your bitcoin on exchanges

Exchanges get hacked, regularly. Do the following: * Invest into hardware

💩 Bitcoin is too expensive so I will buy another shit coin

Just found a solution. There's a new cheap crypto. Its called Satoshi and it's pegged to Bitcoin.  1 Satoshi = 0.00026 USD only (today 1 bitcoin = $26,000).

❓How to use this site

Every morning I wake up and do my regular research on bitcoin, see what's happening, read about the industry, read, read, read. And I think how can I convey to you all, who follow me, have decided to put some level of trust in me, the following:

📖 Bitcoin Books

Bitcoin Book Summaries by AnilSaidSo You can now read summaries

Missed the bitcoin bus

The above screenshot is from bitcointalk forum in which someone

Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Dogecoin (and all altcoins)

Read the entire thread below on Ethereum, exactly my views.

What is the best bitcoin strategy

If by best, you mean a long term, low risk,

Fall in dominance of BTC vs Altcoins

Bitcoin dominance vs altcoins is not a metric, in my

Bitcoin is the Internet, Ethereum could be the Netscape

Bitcoin is the Internet.Ethereum will be the Netscape. It's