💵 Inside scoop: Ledn's new BTC savings & dual currency notes

Join us for an exciting conversation with Mauricio, founder of Ledn, as he unveils two new products - Bitcoin Savings and Dual Currency Notes.

We kick things off with an overview of Ledn's company history and how they are innovating in the crypto lending space. Mauricio then gives us an insider update on the latest trends and developments in crypto lending, before revealing Ledn's new offerings.

Mauricio then dives into details on the new products - how Bitcoin Savings accounts work, their competitive interest rates, and Dual Currency Notes. We explore the user experience and potential of these offerings.

Later on, we discuss the current US regulatory environment, including perspectives on the SEC's stance and how Ledn is approaching compliance. Mauricio also shares his thoughts on the potential price impact of Bitcoin ETFs.

00:00: Introduction
01:50: Company overview of Ledn
05:12: Update on the Crypto lending industry
08:47: Exciting reveals from Ledn
13:44: Navigating user experience
24:56: Exploring Dual Cryptocurrency Notes (DCN)
34:11: Discussing US Regulations: SEC's current norms
39:01: Price impact: Assessing Bitcoin ETF's influence
44:25: Connecting with Ledn