🌊 Inside bitcoin's next wave: A fireside chat with Ego Death Capital

Join us for an illuminating discussion with Ego Death Capital, a VC firm focused exclusively on Bitcoin startups. We explore their contrarian investment thesis, evaluating founders in a nascent space, the promise of Layer 3 applications, navigating the crypto winter, and preparing for Bitcoin's next halving.

Ego Death shares their perspective on Bitcoin maximalism versus crypto, surviving as a niche GP, and the challenges still facing Bitcoin adoption. With crypto in a bear market, we dig into the opportunities Ego Death sees in building alongside principled founders on a Bitcoin-only stack.

Whether you're investor, founder, or crypto enthusiast, this episode provides an insider's view into Bitcoin's evolving narrative in the world of venture capital.

00:00 Introduction
01:39 Why the name 'Ego Death Capital'?
03:01 Their investment thesis
07:18 Discussing reasons for focusing on such a niche space
09:28 What 'Layer 3 applications over Bitcoin' means
12:47 Discussing their portfolio companies and why they were chosen
24:36 How they evaluate founders
25:32 Do they face challenges from LPs to invest in bitcoin startups versus broader crypto?
26:59 Challenges faced as a GP of a crypto VC firm
29:07 Is the US banking crisis over? How did it affect Bitcoin?
30:37 Discussing the biggest challenges still facing Bitcoin
33:12 Their views on the upcoming bitcoin halving in 2024 and its potential impact on Bitcoin's price
36:24 Where to find Ego Death Capital