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Every morning I wake up and do my regular research on bitcoin, see what's happening, read about the industry, read, read, read.

And I think how can I convey to you all, who follow me, have decided to put some level of trust in me, the following:

  • Bitcoin is still a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency even just from a ROI perspective compared to all other cryptocurrencies. All other cryptos including Ethereum, do NOT even compare, even come close to Bitcoin as an investment, as an asset.
  • To invest and to create wealth from any asset, irrespective if it's bitcoin or anything else, you have to spend time, understand it and build your own conviction. There are no short cuts. There are bitcoin experts like me, there are Ethereum experts and there are top of the league bitcoin haters like Warren Buffet, Jamie Dimon and Nassim Taleb. You need to be your own expert. The way to build wealth is to be right when all others are wrong else its too late. Look around you and you'll realize that's true. There are a few who simply won the lottery and hence are in the news but that's just a chance. Also, the way to lose wealth is to be wrong when all others said something is right. And unfortunately we don't hear about these people because no one in this boat will talk about it. 

Treat 21Towers as a resource and as a guide. Not as a replacement for the time you need to spend to understand bitcoin, not as a replacement to your own conviction about bitcoin.

Have you watched all the Bitcoin Mastery videos?
Have you gone through some of the resources in the Resources section?
Have you read The Bitcoin Standard?

If not, then your bitcoin wealth building chances will depend on your stars. But if you do, your stars will align and open the doors so that you will yourself see that bitcoin is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And then you don't need 21Towers or Warren Buffet to tell you what to think about bitcoin.

You need to spend a minimum of 10 hours and ideally 40 hours, that's it. 40 hours of your life, I know its a lot. 4 hours a week is 10 weeks, more than 2 months. But it's not a lot to spend on what could potentially change your financial future.

Start today, mark the 4 hours on your calendar for the next 10 weeks to read a book or an article or watch videos from the Resources section. Start today, yesterday was already too late! And we are here, if you have any questions along the way, to support you. 

Not financial advice.