Bitcoin is the Internet, Ethereum could be the Netscape

Bitcoin is the Internet.Ethereum will be the Netscape. It's already happening.
Bitcoin is valuable because its decentralised. If you value Turing completeness, transaction speed, transaction capacity and so on, there are far better solutions already.

Number of transactions per day on:
Binance: ~4 million

Ethereum: ~1 million

The bitcoin on-blockchain transaction capacity is only ~7 per second that is ~300k per day. Visa alone did ~100 million transactions per day in 2019.Food for thought: 

  • What’s the trade-off for this higher capacity / volume
  • Why not higher
  • Why are devs also using Tron, Binance Smart Chain vs Ethereum

Hint: decentralisation vs centralisationBitcoin does not compete on on-blockchain transaction capacity. It competes and wins on decentralisation. The trade-off is on-blockchain performance.